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Crimson Sunflower

EYE SERUM - Apple pluri-actives

EYE SERUM - Apple pluri-actives

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Serum for the eye contour as a cream-gel with a fine and comfortable texture. Rich in botanical active ingredients from the apple with remarkable properties. Gives a targeted global answer to the signs of the time and signs of fatigue of the fragile area of the eye contour. Specifically formulated to avoid any eyelids swelling.

Apple contains treasures of cosmetic efficiency.

Apple isoquercetin activates sirtuins, proteins of longevity, fights against loss of elasticity and density of the skin protecting elastin and fighting against glycation and collagen stiffening. Apple polyphenols fight against oxidative stress responsible for an acceleration of the skin aging. Apple seed oil moisturizes and revitalizes.

Recommendations for use : Take serum with the spatula. Sparingly apply around the eyes

All skin types.

Frequency of use : Daily, morning and evening.

Volume : .

POMONE Paris offers premium cosmetics based on the virtues of the apple. A mythical fruit par excellence, the apple is full of active ingredients that are particularly effective for the beauty of the skin.

POMONE Paris cosmetics are made in France with the greatest care.

The specificity of the brand is to combine exceptional formulas that are natural, vegan and clean with strict respect for the codes of luxury and a radical eco-responsible approach.

The brand participates in the preservation of biodiversity by extracting molecules of cosmetic interest from the by-products of food processes, such as cider pomace.

POMONE Paris cosmetics echo the beauty of POMONE goddess who reigns over the botanical world.


POMONE Paris is the creator of the Pomocosmetology : The power of the apple combined with advanced cosmetic technology. Natural, vegan and free of controversial ingredients formulas for safe and clean beauty. Safety guaranteed by a toxicologist pharmacist.

Perfume : The sensoriality of this product also comes from its original, addictive fragrance evoking the scent emanating from the cider apple harvest in autumn.

Presentation : Skincare product presented in a glass jar, with screen-printed decor, protective top, spatula, cardboard box from sustainably managed forests.

Made in France : Product designed and manufactured in France with the greatest care. Priority is given to ingredients and packaging of French origin.

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