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ODIXIR™ | Parfum Solide Aquara

ODIXIR™ | Parfum Solide Aquara

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The benefits you will enjoy right now

Opt for new high-end solid fragrances and enjoy:One of the healthiest fragrances on the planet

Unique and exceptional scents that will accompany you all day long

A product you can finally take everywhere with you

From a small case to a luxurious design, to carry your ODIXIR

Top note: Blood orange, Frangipane
Heart note: Lavender, Vanilla
Endnote: Atlas cedar, Incense

The 100% natural solid fragrance that goes above your requirements

ODIXIR is a brand that offers you the best solid fragrance. All ingredients are 100% natural, as we only use essential oils of very good quality and no synthetic fragrance.

ODIXIR brings you the perfect balance.Why choose a solid ODIXIR fragrance?The brand has successfully developed a 100% natural manufacturing process that keeps your skin healthy. The brand is completely free of plastic, it thus highlights a safe ecological value.  Our packaging is 100% recyclable which is a responsible choice for our planet.Enjoy a healthier and more concentrated smell with the ODIXIR solid fragrance

Perfume story As historian Élisabeth de Feydeau reminds us, perfume began by treating the body as much as the soul.Perfume is what you might call a ritual, your signature. This is part of our daily life, but do you know that many of our liquid fragrances contain alcohol, endocrine disruptors, synthetic fragrances?This is why we offer you today the solid perfume ODIXIRA form of perfume that is already being talked about!

Many people have already taken advantage of it and continue to report the positive changes they have noticed.ODIXIR offers three solid fragrances: Aquara, Tierra, and Luminis.

That reminds us, water, earth and sun 3 scents according to your mood, according to your desires. Aquara: We are enchanted by its aquatic notes, it is the tonic perfume, the morning one, that brings you this note of freshness to start your day well. Powerful and gentle at the same time. For lovers of freedom, lovers of the open air, all those who will appreciate the simplicity and authenticity of a perfume Tierra: we intoxicate with its comforting, woody and earthy notes and also transports us to the kingdoms of the east with its background notes. Luminis: Carries us by its solar notes, it is the fragrance that makes us travel in a warm country that reminds us of the scent of the rose of a lush garden on a beautiful summer day.

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